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House of Niccolò Series

If you have often wondered how Niccolò and Francis Crawford are related, this family tree is for you. Created with the help of other readers, see my best effort at linking the two.

The Lymond Chronicles

I worked for six enjoyable weeks to translate the foreign, words, phrases, songs, poetry, and Nostradamus prophecies with help in some cases from native speakers and academics. The result is a booklet which lists translations per book in order of appearance.

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Choose from the translation guide, family tree, or both at a slight discount.

A Translation Guide to the
Lymond Chronicles

This booklet translates virtually all the foreign phrases, poems, and
songs in the Chronicles.

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Nicholas/Lymond Family

A professionally printed, 8½ x 11 in. color Family Tree linking the House of Niccolò and the Lymond Chronicles.

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Translation Guide & Family Tree

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