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Nicholas & Lymond Family Tree

Nicholas & Lymond Family Tree

A professionally printed, 8½ x 11 in. color Family Tree linking the House of Niccolò with the Lymond Chronicles.


After the publication of Gemini, and with the help of members of Dunnetwork, I prepared a Family Tree which links the House of Niccolò with the Lymond Chronicles. The result is a professionally printed color Family Tree superimposed over a photograph of St. Mary’s Loch which I took during the Edinburgh 2000 Gathering. In June of 2001, I printed a revised edition which is in an easier-to-frame 8½ in. by 11 in. format. This revision corrects a couple of errors and adds a few names.

Please note that this Family Tree is the personal interpretation of Nancy Wright and others in the absence of an authorized version from Dorothy Dunnett and her publishers. Careful study of this chart will result in revealing certain plot points which remain hidden until the end of the House of Niccolò.

I started this Family Tree because none exists in the Lymond books, and I wanted to link the Niccolò and Lymond books with one genealogy chart. While I have endeavored to make it accurate it may contain errors.

I received extensive help on the Niccolò books from Nancy Tague. Thank you, Nancy.

Translation Guide & Family Tree

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